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Moore's Tree Company: For all Your Tree Services

Your expert tree service contractor

Moore’s Tree Company was founded in 2010 by Ryan Moore, who started with a local authority contractor as an apprentice and quickly found his passion for tree work. After several years Ryan went to work for various large and small firms as a sub-contractor climber before deciding to start on his own business. Since 2010 Moore’s Tree Company has grown into a well-equipped firm with a great team that have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all aspects of tree work. We treat every site and tree as if it was our own ensuring the best quality of work and making sure every site is spotless upon completion. Call us today for more information.

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Our tree services at a glance

Professional services at competitive prices

Formative pruning

This type of pruning is carried out on a young tree to help it grow into a stronger well-formed tree. We remove selected limbs at a young age to prevent the need to remove in the future.

Crown lifting

This type of pruning is carried out where lower limbs are causing an obstruction to light or blocking access. Crown lifting is the removal of limbs below a certain height from ground level, this could include limbs being removed to the stem or secondary limbs from above being pruned, trees over the highway are required to be certain height above public footpaths and roads

(Section 154 Highways act 1980)

Crown thinning

This type of pruning involves removing selected limbs/secondary limbs to allow additional light through the crown while keeping the natural shape and size of the tree.

Crown reduction

This type of pruning is carried out for a few reasons, sometimes trees outgrow their environment and need to be reduced in size to keep them maintained and keep the tree. The work involves reducing the height and width of the tree to suitable growth points keeping a smaller naturel shape. Trees are also reduced to reduce stress weight from the limbs preventing limbs/trees failing.

Dead wood removal

Trees naturally have limbs die this can cause a risk to people or property below removing the deadwood prevents any damages.


Pollarding is undertaken on certain species which can tolerate this heavy type of pruning. This type of pruning is undertaken to damaged trees usually to allow re-growth to form a new crown and be maintained as a smaller tree instead of felling.


Trees are sometimes removed due outgrowing their environment preventing reasonable enjoyment of client’s properties. Trees are also removed for safety reasons which are not always obvious but would have been inspected and be the last resort if no other pruning works could keep the tree in a safe condition.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the mechanical removal of a stump. The machine cuts the stump into chips below ground level, typically 9-18 inches below ground level stopping re-growth and allowing planting or surfacing.

Oak processionary moth removal

Oak processionary moth caterpillars have tiny hairs that can cause an allergic reaction in people and animals. Our staff will remove the nests professionally and dispose of them correctly. Find out more in this interesting article from Forest Research


At Moore’s Tree Company we enjoy planting new trees. We can advise on the best species of tree to be planted and have close relationships with local nurseries to be able to get the best quality at a reasonable price.

Hedge cutting

Hedge trimming is a great way of keeping your hedges under control and your garden looking neat and tidy. We can also reduce hedges that have overgrown to a reasonable height to make future maintenance far easier.

Tree inspection

The detailed inspection of a single tree of group of trees. A suitably qualified inspector will look at each tree in detail for any defects, check the overall condition and will supply a report with any work recommended if required.

Call Moore's Tree Company or contact us today for further information and a free no obligation professional quotation  

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